XRI announced their listing on Uniswap, on September 28th, and gathering attention by people since they started their airdrops.

About Uniswap

Uniswap is currently a very hot Ethereum-based DEX(Decentralized Exchange), using the Automated Market Maker(AMM) system. The AMM system provides liquidity to the exchange and allows digital assets to be traded without permissions. Instead of traditional exchanges between buyers and sellers, users can supply liquidity to earn passive income or exchange between various assets.

So, to make sure of the difference from other traditional exchanges, we can focus on how the AMM design deviates from traditional central limit order book-based exchanges, and how permissionless systems depart from conventional permissioned systems.

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XRI Started an Airdrop

XRI opened their airdrop (distribution of a cryptocurrency token or coin to numerous wallet addresses, usually for free) for $1,000 in total, and it ends up in 72 hours since they started.

You can participate and get their airdrop just by following these requirements.


Check it out! ↓ ↓https://twitter.com/XRI_Ltd_info/status/1442409159589187588?s=20

About XRI

XRI creates a unique metaverse (a virtual space beyond reality) to realize an unprecedented world. They produce new services and products; Digital NFTs (towns, e-sports stadiums, etc.), Autonomous and decentralized (DAO) business schemes, and Various revenue models through various business schemes linking the real world and the virtual world. XRI announced their business partnership with eGI, Coineal, and Jasmy this year.

XRI System Integration

The XRoad token, XRI, is used throughout the XRoad platform and is critical to the sustainability and success of the platform.

  • XRoad Oracles

XRoad Oracle operators receive XRI when processing correct data, maintaining, and operating their nodes.

  • XRDS

In order to access and store data on XRDS, transactions must be paid in XRI.

  • XRoad Locker

Advertisers looking to target specific demographics need to purchase their traffic using XRI.

Current News about XRI


Telegram: https://t.me/xroad_initiative
Official website: https://exroad.io/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xri_ltd_info_/?hl=ja
Twitter: https://twitter.com/xri_ltd_info/
Uniswap Website: https://uniswap.org/