Dear Tom,
What high temperature range (20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, etc.) is the most frequent in Chicago?

—Gregory Melvor,Morton Grove

Dear Gregory,
There’s no accounting for individual temperature preferences. Some people like it hot, some like it cold—but the majority of people find daytime temperatures in the 70s to be agreeable.
A computer scan of 92 years of daily high temps (the period of 1929 through 2020) at Midway Airport—that’s 33,604 days—reveals that daily high temperatures in the 80s occur most frequently. The breakdown: highs 9 degrees or lower, 0.6 percent of the days; highs in the 10s, 2 percent; 20s, 6 percent; 30s, 14 percent; 40s, 13 percent; 50s, 12 percent; 60s, 13 percent; 70s, 16 percent; 80s, 17 percent; 90s, 6 percent; 100 degrees or higher, 0.3 percent.