The Pulse team recently caught up with several current team members who started their careers with Target as seasonal employees during the holidays. With the busiest shopping season quickly approaching, we wanted to learn more about what it’s like to work in our stores during this exciting time.

From extra income and flexible scheduling to retail experience and a sense of family and community – these past seasonal team members share what they enjoyed most about their experience and why they ultimately decided to transition to a regular Target employee.


How would you describe the role of a seasonal team member?

Kayla, Store Director: The role of a seasonal team member is an important one. When our guests need to get everything to make their holiday season special, our seasonal team understands how to work in a fast-paced environment and provide the best guest experience that our team expects going into the fourth quarter.

Heather, Style Consultant: Being a seasonal team member, you get the opportunity to help guests during the holiday season. If they’re stressed or worried about things, you get to be that light when they come into the store and to make them smile.


Why was a seasonal role at Target particularly beneficial or rewarding for you?

Simran, Human Resources Expert: The seasonal opportunity was important for me because it got my foot in the door at Target. When I first applied to Target I was in search of a different environment after working in food service. Being a seasonal team member allowed me to develop a perspective of what retail life is like and whether it would work out for me. Seasonal work was also beneficial because it earned me additional income for the holidays to spoil the family and friends that I love so much. Now after being at Target for five years and counting, I realize it was a great first step to take!

Heather: I started at target as a seasonal team member because I had just moved here from another state, and I wanted to meet new people in the community and make friends with my coworkers. Starting out as a seasonal team member allowed me to do just that.

Nadia, Beauty Consultant: I was in the middle of transitioning between jobs, and I really wanted to get my first retail experience. So the seasonal role was a great opportunity for me. Also, being a university student, it gave me the flexibility that I needed to also focus on my studies while being introduced into the retail community.


What opportunities does Target provide for team members to get up to speed quickly, learn how to service the Target guest, and build skills?

Kayla: To make sure that our seasonal team members are up to speed with all of the initiatives that Target’s focused on, we ensure that they are side by side training with some of our best team members to coach them on creating that great guest experience Target is known for.

Simran: I think the strongest skill Target gives to its employees is empowerment. Target allows team members to take charge of situations and find solutions on their own instead of just having a leader give an answer. For example, when I worked with a former leader and would ask for help, she would first ask what my solution should be and allow me to try different options to find it. With her support I felt more empowered and confident to fix things on my own.


What is the best part about working as a seasonal team member and servicing Target guests?

Nadia: Being a seasonal team member, you get to see so much of the store in such a short amount of time. I also love that I have the opportunity to meet so many people and help them during the holiday season. It can be a very exciting time because people are looking for gifts, they’re looking for their holiday outfits and you just have a lot of joy during this magical time of year.

Brianna, Visual Merchandiser: I enjoy helping guests find the perfect clothing fit for them and making sure they’re really happy while shopping. In February 2019, we launched our newest line of intimates and sleepwear. A guest came in to shop for intimates but she was disappointed because she couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for. I went ahead and showed her the new products that matched the style and comfort qualities she was interested in. She decided to try them on and ultimately loved what I had recommended for her. It was a rewarding experience.

Julie, Style Consultant: I really love the energy at Target. I love greeting guests everyday; I love helping guests. It’s just a very fulfilling, rewarding position for me. I absolutely love working here.


How would you describe the culture at Target?

Simran: Target is a company that focuses on the guests and team members and empowers them to be the best they can be. It’s a fun environment where everyone is focused on the same goal and is aiming for success. With so many opportunities for growth, Target really encourages you to go the extra mile and help wherever needed.

Brianna: The target team is like a family to me. The minute I got hired my peers were welcoming and helpful. Any questions or concerns I had, they were there to help me.


Following your experience as a seasonal team member, what made you decide to transition to a regular team member position at Target?

Nadia: As a seasonal team member I was having a great time meeting new people and learning about things that were important to me, so transitioning to a regular role was one of the best opportunities. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Simran: I decided to continue as a regular employee at Target because I fell in love with the company’s culture. Being allowed to explore different departments helped me find what roles worked best for me and helped me grow my confidence to be the leader I am today. After starting as a seasonal guest advocate, I became a guest advocate full-time, then I was promoted to a few positions in guest service and was ultimately offered a position in Human Resources where I am now.


What has surprised you most about your career with Target?

Simran: Target has surprised me in that my roles helped me realize that human resources is what I truly enjoy and the career path I want to take in life. Without these experiences, I wouldn’t have found my passion in life so I am forever thankful to the company.

Brianna: I’m surprised by how much I’ve learned in such little time. Every day I’m learning something new. Target gives you the opportunity to grow with the company and I think that’s amazing.


What would you share with someone considering a role as a seasonal team member?

Simran: Target is more of an adventure in life than a job. Even if Target does not work out as a career path for you, it is a great place to start because the company has so much to teach and offer. You never really know what it can bring you until you take the first step. Target has changed my life and it could change yours!

Kayla: As a seasonal team member, you get the opportunity to come on, be flexible and work with one of the top notch teams in retail. If you love what you’re doing, you get that opportunity to become more of a permanent team member into the future.


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