The White Sox are fighting for their playoff lives Sunday night at Guaranteed Rate Field, starring down the barrel of elimination.

Hosting the series-leading Houston Astros, Sox fans told WGN that winning at home is all the ballclub needs to get back on track.

“Tonight is the night they’re going to do it. We’re going to come out tomorrow. We’re going to come out the next day in Houston and we’re going to take it all, baby. Let’s go!”

While some have been rooting the Sox on for years, others, like six-week-old Harrison, were immersed in the excitement for the first time. 

Edie Morris said the occasion is not unique.

“I think I was like a month and a half when I went to my first White Sox game,” Morris said.

Nate Seloix said he is confident the Sox will win. He’s excited to watch the game but most importantly, he told WGN, “I get to stay up late.”

Fans are hoping the night caps off with a Sox win.