Tokel is an innovative and unique venture. It is a dedicated NFT and Token creation platform designed to make it easy for anyone to launch and manage a token or NFT. Tokel is a new ecosystem for token projects, or projects looking to utilize tokens to launch and thrive. Token creators will be able to capitalize from their decentralized NFT marketplace.

Their decentralized all-in-one application combines plans for an integrated coin & token wallet, a tokenDEX, an NFT marketplace and various other creation tools.

Using Komodo Technologies as the core foundation, Tokel offers end-to-end token solutions for fixed supply and NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) on a decentralized platform. This is something that can transform the way many industries operate. For example, artists and token creators can now launch successful projects without the need for a centralized entity to intervene. They remain in total control.

In the NFT marketplace, you will have the ability to buy, sell, hold, browse and send any NFT created on the Tokel blockchain. Any token with a supply of 1 is automatically listed. Tokel boasts lower fees than any other platform. If Tokel had the same market cap as Ethereum does today, it would only cost $0.000021 USD to create an NFT and $0.20 cents USD to send that NFT to somebody.

Tokel is leading the future of tokenization by providing streamlined token creation, and automatic wallet and decentralized token exchange integration. Along with the new blockchain architecture, Tokel will also provide valuable information, assistance and open-source decentralized applications for projects and businesses looking to venture into the token space.

The Tokel team has worked expertly alongside Komodo and with their community to streamline and secure their blockchain. Their continued work will improve and further develop the technology behind the Tokel platform.

Tokel’s aim is to become the world’s best, dedicated token platform. The Tokel all-in-one open-source decentralized application showcases the underlying blockchain features, all in a superlite client. The application is perfect to use for token creation, usage and management. The platform is being built with simplicity and ease of use in mind with minimal requirements needed to create and manage your own tokens or NFTs.

Tokel is currently conducting an Initial Dex Offering (IDO) on the AtomicDEX (a decentralized, atomic swap exchange) application. The IDO will end on 15th September 2021. During the IDO, users will be able to trade KMD & BTC for TKL on an open order book in a decentralised, non-custodial fashion.

There will be a total of 20 million TKL listed on AtomicDEX, split over 2 phases (Price Discovery and IDO). Anybody that conducts trades with TKL during the IDO is considered an Early Adopter and could qualify for additional rewards as a result.

Tokel is further innovating with the introduction of a ‘Time-Lock Reward Plan’. Here, users that participate in the IDO will receive extra unexpected TKL leftover from the IDO sales. This initiative will further incentivise users who have yet to get involved, to participate. The ‘Time-Locked’ TKL will be airdropped to eligible TKL holders via two time-locked transactions.

Through expertise, community engagement and thoroughly planned development efforts, Tokel is a new and exciting platform that is clearly leading the future of tokenization. Tokel is launching with an innovative IDO, being the very first IDO on AtomicDEX, whilst flexing unique initiatives for its holders with ‘Early Adopter’ and ‘Time-Lock Airdrop’ reward initiatives. It is clear that Tokel is here to stay and will quickly outclass all other token platforms on offer.