Taking up vaping as a hobby is a little bit like signing up to be a dog owner. No, no. hear me out. 

First, there are refill trips to the supermarket once the thing is empty. That’s going to happen more or less weekly. Second, you can’t leave it in a hot car. And lastly, it’s not welcome in most public places, such as restaurants, cinemas, and shops. Unaccustomed visitors to your home may even find the situation uncomfortable. See. Vaping is like buying a puppy. And there’s one other big consideration – holidays. 

Going on holiday means either neglecting to partake in your vaping habit for the duration of the trip or doing your research. Taking vape equipment abroad can be troublesome, depending on your airline and destination (see 88vape.com for more related travel tips). But what about when you arrive? 

Let’s say the relevant laws and permits are in place to allow travel with your vaping device and e-liquid. Can you simply vape as normal? Well, yes and no. Unfortunately, the heat is going to cause some e-liquid storage considerations. Travellers take note! 

How to Store E-Juice on Holiday

Some travellers are, it would seem, unfulfilled with year-round rain and grey skies and prefer to holiday in places that are even colder than where they are from. Good luck to them. I hear 16 hours of whale-watching in choppy Arctic waters is quite the diary entry. However, most of us prefer to escape to the sun for a change, before we forget that the moon has a counterpart.

Sunlight and heat may be what the doctor ordered for our Vitamin D levels and overall mood, but did you know that such conditions spell danger for your e-liquid?

  • Sunlight and e-liquid 

Here comes the sun (do-do-do-do), so you’d better hide your vape juice if you want it to survive. Sunlight and vape juice do not mix. In fact, sunlight “unmixes” vape juice, so to speak, by a UV induced process that involves the molecular separation of the components that make up your e-liquid. The result? Thinned liquid with mixed results.

  • Heat and e-liquid

The climate or temperature in which you store your vape juice can have a similar effect on rendering your vape juice unusable. Too much heat and the nicotine will deteriorate, along with a potential decline in flavour. If you notice that heat has altered the taste of your liquid, cut your losses and start again with a fresh refill.

A combination of heat and light can also turn your e-liquid a darker colour. Look out for these signs. 

Storing Vape Juice in Hot Countries

You may have heard that vape juice has a typical shelf life of two years. Keep in mind that this estimated shelf life is an upper limit based on ideal conditions (e.g., cool storage out of direct sunlight). 

Therefore, try to refrain from leaving your vape device by the side of the pool. Keep it in a bag, cupboard or drawer until cooler evening temperatures prevail.