OSWEGO, Ill.  — Police on Wednesday released their findings on a drive-thru altercation at an Oswego-area Portillo’s, involving a customer and employee, in which video circulated on social media.

According to police, authorities in Oswego have completed their initial investigation and have submitted their report to the Kendall County State’s Attorney for review. The incident involved a Black 18-year-old boy from Montgomery and an Asian 48-year-old male from Aurora.

Officers in Oswego were dispatched to the restaurant just before noon on Sunday, May 16. Witnesses said the incident began over a spilled milkshake into the customer’s car. In the video, workers are heard yelling and asking the customer to get off the 18-year-old employee in the drive-thru. The clip later shows the man kneeling on the employee.

According to police, officers conducted multiple interviews with the men involved and reviewed restaurant surveillance video and video of the incident later posted on social media.

Police say officers also interviewed more than 20 witnesses, including employees and customers. Police clarified that they are not aware and/or have not seen any video that captures the beginning of the confrontation.

According to witness testimony and statements from the victims, “both parties were verbally and physically aggressive towards the other,” police said.

“Both parties indicated that their actions were based on feeling threatened by the other person,” police added. “Neither party involved indicated that any racial remarks were made by either party towards the other or that any actions were racially motivated.”

In the days that followed the incident, calls for the 48-year-old man’s arrest grew louder.

“I want the boy and his family to have justice for what happened,” said Mikayla William, who shared video of the incident recorded by her sister. “It’s absolutely not OK, no matter what was going on.”

A representative from Portillo’s said in a statement, “We’re deeply disturbed by the event that happened at our restaurant. We’re working with the police as part of this ongoing investigation.”

No charges have been filed.