SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — A more than 400 page congressional redistricting bill was filed late Thursday in Springfield.

It keeps the split of 14 Democratic majority districts and three Republican districts.

The fourth version of a congressional redistricting map now pits representative Marie Newman against Chuy Garcia in the fourth district.

Earlier Thursday, there was a hearing discussing the creation of an additional Latino district. The proposed 3rd Congressional District would unify Latino communities in the North Side of Chicago, Bensonville, Hanover Park, West Chicago and Elgin.

Also up for discussion is House Bill 1769 , a tax incentive package worth hundreds of millions of dollars, for electric vehicle manufacturing in Illinois.

Changes to the Health Care Right to Conscience Act are also debated. The legislation protects employers from lawsuits if they enforce covid vaccines or testing mandates.

If passed by the senate, the law wouldn’t go into effect until next June, but could influence current court cases from employees objecting being forced to get a Covid vaccine.

And late Wednesday night, the senate voted to repeal the Parental Notification Act, which required doctors to contact parents when a minor sought an abortion.

Opponents said the change impedes on parental rights, while supporters believe it protects teens from potential abuse.

That bill passed 62-51, and now goes to the governor’s desk for a signature.

A gambling bill did pass tonight 44-12 that would allow limited in person betting on Illinois college sports and now heads to the house.