Dear Tom,
How many times has Chicago experienced three days with 85+ degree temps through May 2? This year has to stand out as one on the few.
—Pat Byrne Hoffman Estates
Dear Pat,
Not many. Chicago climatologist and weather historian Frank Wachowski checked the record books, and he found that 2021 joins 1960, 1985, 1986 and 1990 as the only five years, dating back to 1871, that the city has logged three 85-degree-plus days through May 2. Only two years have recorded more. In 1977, the city had already logged five days by May 2, the result of an extended mid-April stretch of unseasonable warmth. The mercury hit back-to back highs of 85 on April 10-11, and an 86-degree high on April 12, followed by highs of 85 and 88 on April 17-18. Three other years recorded four days- 1915, 1962 and 2002.