Dear Tom,
How many times during the past 12 months has Peter Sinks, Utah, recorded the lowest temperature in the country?
—Erl, Ninety Six, South Carolina
Dear Erl,
Peter Sinks, Utah, is a high-altitude station, at an elevation of 8,164 feet above sea level, located 20 miles northeast of Logan, Utah, in the extreme northern portion of that state. Peter Sinks is a natural limestone sinkhole about one-half mile in diameter, surrounded on all sides by higher elevations that give no outlet to cold air to drain out. On clear, calm nights, cold air slides down-slope into the basin in a process known as cool air pooling; very low temperatures can occur. In the year ending July 20, 2021, Peter Sinks recorded the lowest temperature in the contiguous 48 states on 104 days.