RIVERSIDE, Ill. – Residents dealing with cold temperatures at one Riverside-area apartment tell WGN their heat has been restored.

Tenants at Water Tower Apartments, located on East Avenue in Riverside, dealt with frigid temperatures inside their homes following a boiler issue. According to the building manager, a new boiler, estimated to cost around $51,000, was recently installed.

The building manager adds that the installation took a few days but the property passed a plumbing inspection Wednesday morning.

WGN has followed the plight of residents as they battled with their landlord for better heating conditions. On Sunday, a small crowd of residents, led by two groups — “Indivisible West Suburban Action League” and “History Never Taught,” rallied outside apartment landlord Ronald Kafka’s home. The protest came after Riverside officials urged the property management group, Property Rental Inc., to fix its boiler for residents amid a deep freeze.