EVANSTON, Ill. — An investigation is underway in Evanston into alleged drugging incidents.

This follows similar cases that came to light last month, allegedly happening at frat houses on the Northwestern campus.

An alert was issued to students Friday that said the school has received multiple new reports of people being drugged without their consent at off-campus locations around Evanston.

School officials confirmed to WGN News that there are three new alleged incidents.

According to the alert, at least one of the reports was in relation to a gathering believed to have been organized by students who attend Northwestern.

The alleged assaults in September happened on campus and involved students who said they were drugged while attending parties at a different frat houses.

Those allegations sparked protest and led to the school pausing social events for multiple fraternities, which is still in effect.

No one has been charged in relation to last month’s cases. 

Because the latest incidents happened off campus, Evanston police are the lead in the investigation but they are working in conjunction with the university police.

If you have information that could help them, you can call either department.