CHICAGO   The deep freeze has settled over the Chicago area and it plans to stick around throughout the week.

Despite the dangerously cold conditions, locals and visitors braved the bone-chilling winds some for the first time.

“It’s not normal,” said Rashell Matos, who was visiting from New Jersey. “I’ve never felt this type of cold ever.”

While WGN crews caught one local man jogging up Michigan Avenue in a sleeveless shirt, most were bundled up and trying to stay warm.

“Hot chocolate’s good and I have double pants and double socks so I came prepared,” said Evanston resident Kelsey Uguccioni.

Uguccioni was part of a wave of people who wanted to capture the cold elements.

“Everyone was saying it was record cold and we were just being spontaneous and wanting to go explore it,” she said.

WGN asked Uguccioni how she fared in the cold?

“It is record cold, yep, my body is freezing but it’s fun,” she said.

The cold isn’t expected to leave the Chicago region anytime soon, with a 60 percent chance of snow expected Monday.

“We really wish that the cold air ends,” says one local woman, “so we can come out again.”