Even as Chicago’s deep chill bit at the hearts of locals this Valentine’s Day, love could still be found in the Windy City and throughout the world.

In Columbus, a surprise proposal at the airport — as love took off for one happy couple. In New York, love was running on ‘Dunkin’ as one couple took the plunge and scrapped a big ceremony for a more intimate outing at the donut chain’s drive-thru.

A survey found that more than 80 percent of Americans planned a Valentine’s Day at home this year.

Chicago Chef Curtis Duffy knows how busy Valentine’s Day can be. His new five-star restaurant, Ever, which opened in June, shut down with all others in late October.

But some good news —it’s set to reopen Tuesday. 

“It’s a great feeling honestly,” Duffy said. “It’s kind of like the reopening of the restaurant again. So we get to experience that again. We’ve been training our staff a lot the last few weeks.

“We’re excited to see our guests again and show that love that we love to do.”

In Moscow, love from the ground up, as speed daters took to the air on a Ferris wheel for their perfect match.

In Spain, the pandemic brought a subdued Valentine’s Day but one shared by so many. 

Despite the limitations, the pandemic and dangerously cold weather in some parts of the world, love reigned supreme once again on the most romantic day of the year.

Happy Valentine’s Day from WGN.