VPS provider BitLaunch has launched a new first-party datacenter location: Chicago. The move aims to provide a better experience to those on the east coast, whether they’re in Canada or the United States.

In doing so, the company launches its first servers with Intel Gold CPUs – delivering a more powerful experience to customers with no increase in price. The extra performance headroom will be especially useful for Windows RDP servers, allowing users to achieve more on the heavy OS at a lower cost.

Chicago users who aren’t on Windows, meanwhile, will be able to make use of BitLaunch’s one-click app installs. Like BitLaunch’s other regions, users will be able to spin up a server with WireGuard, OpenVPN, Shadowsocks, WordPress, or LEMP stack pre-installed.

About BitLaunch

BitLaunch is a privacy-focused VPS provider that accepts payments exclusively in cryptocurrency. It currently supports payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum via its in-house payment system BLPay, which supports zero-confirmation transactions. Users pay for their Linux or Windows VPS hourly, with their balance ticking down only while the server is active. According to the company, using cryptocurrency not only enhances user privacy by doing away with invasive fraud checks – it provides important technology to those without bank accounts.

“In countries such as India, Indonesia, China, and Kenya, hundreds of millions of citizens don’t have bank accounts. It can therefore be difficult or impossible for them to use traditional payment methods to pay for services,” says the company. “Paying for a VPS with Bitcoin opens the door to these users, who often have innovative ideas.”

Those interested in trying out BitLaunch’s new Chicago servers, or existing datacenters in Amsterdam, London, and Los Angeles can sign up here.


Image by tstokes from Pixabay