CHICAGO — Witnesses and Chicago residents are disturbed after a shootout left four innocent bystanders injured Wednesday during rush hour on the Near West Side.

Chicago police commanders said a fifth person that was shot could be the suspect in a short press conference, but did not elaborate.

At around 5 p.m., officers responded to the 800 block of North Milwaukee Avenue on the report of a shooting. Witnesses said two gunmen was firing a rifle out of a rear passenger door of a gold SUV. Police said crime scenes stretched north on Milwaukee up to the 600 block of West Kinzie.

Three of the bystanders were transported in good condition. A 29-year-old named Matt was a passenger in a Lyft when a bullet came through the trunk and shot him in the back. He was transported in critical condition.

Witness Steven Caruso said people were diving for cover in the busy intersection.

“We heard four bang, bang, bang, bang and 10 seconds later another four shots — bang, bang, bang, bang,” Caruso said.

Witnesses echoed that the crime scene was long on Milwaukee.

“He drove a half mile,” Caruso said. “They just kept popping off rounds.”

Cyclist Mary Sullivan is frightened at the brazenness of the gun battle.

“It’s a super crowded. You can’t find a busier area in the city,” she said. “I was talking to this woman who was riding the bus. The bullet basically was two inches away from her.”

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